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CAMLOG® Implants


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CAMLOG Implants

The CAMLOG® Implant System leaves every prosthetic option open to the user and provides a choice of four different implant designs:



The screw-shaped SCREW-LINE implants are adequate for most clinically indicated conditions. The excellent self-centering of the implant is achieved through the slightly tapered shape and the self-cutting thread of the screw.

Promote® and Promote® plus surface

Promote and Promote Plus Surface

The SCREW-LINE implants are available as Promote® and Promote® plus Implants. The Promote® micro/macro surface has proven its worth as a reliable dental implant surface. Numerous scientific studies demonstrate this. To provide the bone with a larger rough surface as an anchor, the Promote® area was increased by an additional 1.6 mm, right up to the bone’s soft-tissue margin. This extends the bone-implant contact surface of Promote® plus upward to the aesthetically relevant coronal zone. Since they have the same insertion protocol, Promote® and Promote® plus implants can be used freely in combinations.



The root-shaped ROOT-LINE implant has a self-cutting thread. Thanks to its taper shape and special type of thread ensuring perfect fit and primary stability, it is particularly suitable for immediate implantation to ensure healthy loading of the implant bone.



The cylinder-shaped CYLINDER-LINE implant has proven its benefits for almost all clinical indications. Its advantage is easy insertion with good primary stability thanks to the press-fit.




The use of this implant is recommended in particular for the weak bone of the rear jaw region in connection with sinus floor elevation and augmentation. Especially in regions where the residual bone of the alveolar process allows a better fit of the implants, the threaded screw guarantees higher primary stability.

The SCREW-LINE and CYLINDER-LINE implants are available with diameters of

  • 3.3 mm
  • 3.8 mm
  • 4.3 mm
  • 5 mm
  • 6 mm

ROOT-LINE implants and SCREW-CYLINDER-LINE implants are offered with diameters of

  • 3.8 mm
  • 4.3 mm
  • 5 mm
  • 6 mm

CAMLOG® implants are available in lengths of

  • 9 mm
  • 11 mm
  • 13 mm
  • 16 mm

The color code for implant and abutment diameters:

Color Codes

Implant surface structure

The Promote® surface used for the CAMLOG® Implant System (SCREW-LINE, ROOT-LINE, SCREW-CYLINDER-LINE) is sand-blasted and acid-etched and reflects the most recent state-of-the-art technology. Promote® has proved to be a highly promising surface for the integration of dental implants in the bone and shows good results in cell cultures, bone histology, and ex-plantation tests. These results suggest that the Promote® surface leads to rapid bone-integration with the CAMLOG® implants.

The end osseous portion of CYLINDER-LINE implants has a titanium-plasma-sprayed surface (TPS) that has proved highly reliable in many published studies.

This description has been copied from the CAMLOG Biotechnologies home page.



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