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Endodontics is a special field of dentistry that deals with the tooth pulp and the tissues surrounding the root of a tooth. The pulp (containing nerves, arteries and veins as well as lymphatic and fibrous tissues) can become diseased or injured and is often unable to repair itself. When it dies, endodontic treatment is required.

Root canal treatment

Root canal treatment involves the removal of the nerve from the tooth by drilling a hole on the top surface of the tooth. The inside is cleaned out with disinfectants with needle-like instruments. The root canal is then dried and a rubber filling is put in.

Root Resection/Root End Surgery

A Root End Surgery is an endodontic surgical procedure in which a tooth's root tip is removed and the root end cavity is prepared and filled with a biocompatible material. This is usually necessary when a conventional root canal therapy was not sufficient and a re-treatment was already unsuccessful or is not advised. State-of-the-art procedures make use of microsurgical techniques such as a dental operating microscope, micro instruments, ultrasonic preparation tips and calcium-silicate based filling materials.


A post is a metallic structure that is placed within the body of a tooth’s root that has previously had root canal therapy. It can only be placed in a tooth that had endodontic therapy (root canal) as once the dentist enters the nerve, it dies. Root canal therapy prevents further infection and discomfort.


Dental Treatment
Our Fees
Root canal treatment 75 Euro
Extraction 40 Euro
Surgical extraction 120 Euro
Post / Core 70 Euro

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*Fees indicated are for cash payments in GBP or Euro only. Payments in GBP currency is a subject to the daily "buy" exchange rate as set by the Inter-Európa Bank.

**The company reserves the right to change the current fees at any time. Please note that the fees on the website may differ from those in use at the present time but will be as up to date as possible. The price initially quoted by us will be confirmed after further medical evaluation by the dentist.

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