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Materials we use


We work with implants meeting the strictest quality requirements, manufactured with the most modern technologies based on absolutely tissue-friendly materials. The implant systems below are used in our everyday implantations.

The quality of the implants is proven by the original record of the manufacturing company which we attach to the invoice after the operation.

Fixed and removable replacements (crowns, dentures, inlay, outlay, etc)

The dentures are made of biologically compatible plastic free of any harmful material. The following dental substances are being used:

In the area of dental replacement we only use materials from Germany and Switzerland that comply with the highest requirements of CE qualification.

Dental Replacement

The basis of every dental replacement is made of special alloy that has the necessary hardness and gives a hard ground for the plastic cover.

  • metal skeleton: we use an alloy of chrome-cobalt-molybdenum that is the best solution for a hygienic and allergy-free dental replacement.
  • plastic: the plastic cover is made from biologically compatible plastic free of any hazardous material.

Fix Replacements

  • Nickel-free special chrome alloy - Kentzalloy (German)
  • Gold alloy - Heraeus (German)
  • Zirconium
  • Porcelain - Creation, Wita


Dental surgeon

We have a highly qualified team on board whose members have been dealing with dental implants for over 20 years. Besides daily surgeries our specialists attend further vocational training courses on a regular basis. We are proud to say our implanting dental surgeon was within the first few to fulfill the master course of implanting offered by the University of Munster (Germany) jointly with the Semmelweis Medical University of Budapest, Hungary.


In addition to basic professional training, all our assistants are qualified in dental hygiene as well. Thus they help the everyday work efficiently and reliably.


Dental technicians

Choosing the right technician is one of the surgeon's responsibilities. Co-operation of the specialists working on different fields of specialty is very important. This is based on mutual recognition and respect. We are proud to have been working with technicians with Master's Degree for more than 20 years. A good dental technician, besides the required professional knowledge, must also have outstanding taste as well as artistic sculpting and coloring skills.

Material used by the dentist is real medical supply so the role of a dental technician is equal to that of a pharmacist.

The quality of the work done

Dental implanting requires highly professional education, experience and responsibility. This can only be attained by years of hard work, patience, endurance, and humility. This is the real secret of our quality work that incidentally comes with guaranty. We had more than 16000 satisfied patients over 20 years.


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