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Routine Treatments

Usually these occur during regular check-up appointments and include periodontal prevention treatment (e.g., scaling and polishing, gum treatment, simple white replacement fillings, root canal treatments, inlays, on-lays).

Scale and Polish

The purpose of polishing is to make it difficult for plaque to accumulate on the surface area. Professional cleaning includes scaling and polishing. Scaling is a common non-surgical treatment for removal of infected deposits – e.g., tartar - from the tooth surface. These deposits, if not removed, can lead to diseases.

White Fillings

There are many techniques to improve the appearance of teeth and filling decay. Old silver amalgam fillings can be replaced by more aesthetically suitable tooth-colored materials that restore the natural appearance of a decayed or previously filled tooth.

If appearance is important to you, you may want tooth-colored fillings for your cavities, as well as to repair stained, chipped, or irregular teeth. Because they match the color of your natural teeth, tooth-colored fillings are inconspicuous, thus are often opted for by for people who value a beautiful smile.


Dental Treatment
Our Fees
Consultation and treatment plan Free
Composite filling 75 Euro
Inlay / onlay gold 185 Euro
Inlay / onlay ceramic 185 Euro

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*Fees indicated are for cash payments in GBP or Euro only. Payments in GBP currency is a subject to the daily "buy" exchange rate as set by the Inter-Európa Bank.

**The company reserves the right to change the current fees at any time. Please note that the fees on the website may differ from those in use at the present time but will be as up to date as possible. The price initially quoted by us will be confirmed after further medical evaluation by the dentist.

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